How do I configure an Ip address using the PortServer TS1?

I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad running Windows 10, my company has firewall and antivirus software that I cannot adjust. I am using Digi RealPort Setup for Windows. My Device cannot be found. I have added an IP address to the Mac address, on the back of the device, using the following arp command:
arp -s 191.168.x.x 12-12-12-12-12-12

when I run: arp -a
The Ip address appears on the arp table with correlated Mac Address.

When I ping the Ip address the request times out.
What other steps can I take?

To force this trick to work, your laptop must be in the same broadcast domain as a Digi device; otherwise, static ARP entry will not work.
If Digi is connected directly to the laptop, you can run a local DHCP server, for example, TFTPD, to assign an IP address to your Digi device

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ARP ping is one method:

the default method is Digi device discovery tool (ADDP), or DHCP client:
If your company does not allow the Digi device discovery protocol (ADDP) to use the device discovery tool or RealPort for broadcasting and automatic finding in the local network, you will need to set manually a static IP address in the web interface of your PortServer or Digi One SP. Temporary put the device on a network where the device discovery is allowed, discover it, configure a static IP through the device discovery tool: