Need help with uploading name/value pairs into Remote Mgr via XIG

I understand that XIG is fairly old now and not much activity on the forum - But it is such a nice tool that I just discovered.

I am trying to use it to connect a series of RS232 XBee devices to the Digi cloud for 2-way passing of commands and sensor data.

Gateway is ConnectPortX4 (Tried X2 also) which has been running Dia/Modbus for several years.
Howver, I decided to repirpose it for this project and prefer the simplicity of XIG. Here are the specifics of the Gateway:

Firmware Version: (Version 82001536_F3 03/16/2010)
Boot Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001531_A)
POST Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001537_G)
Product VPD Version: release_82001747_A
Product ID: 0x0074
Hardware Strapping: 0x0043

I am testing with a Series 2 XBee Pro on an XBIB developer board connected to my PC via USB and using XCTU to enter data.

I downloaded the latest XIG for the ConnectPortX4 ( and expanded it. I uploaded the 3 files using the Python upload on the Gateway (,_xig, zip, I left autostart off.

I made sure that the XBee on the XBIB connected up to the ConnectPortX4 and I can see it as part of the XBee network in both the CX4 and the Remote Manager.

I Telneted into the CX4 after rebooting and did a >python to startup the xiG.No errors on the console and xip up and running.

Nest, I typed in help\r and received the help message from xig. So far so good. I can also see the incoming data on the telnet console and no errors.

Next, on the PC via XCTU, I enter “idigi_data:names=ADC&values=123:\r”
I see the message via the telnet console and xig says it has been saved. I keep doing this and evantually xip says that the data has been uploaded to the cloud.

So, I expect to now be able to go to Remote Manager and see the data in the Data Services section, but there is no data there for this session.

Using the API explorer, I also ran an SCI/RCI/Dia query to get a dump of all channels and get back this error:

        Name not registered

Does anyone else have this type of a problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have deleted everything and started over several times, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I am perplexed.

If I recall, the XIG was written prior to the DIA. So it did not use the DIA API frames.

Thanks for your response Mvut. That sort of makes sense, but I just downloaded the code and went through the installation procedures and followed the sample step by step. I am not sure why the is using idigi_dia presentation to save the data. I did not customize it in any way.

I guess that is a good start and will look through the source code to figure it out. I was hoping it was a known issue.