Need to develop a camera driver for yocto connectcore 6

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I have to develop a camera driver for connectcore 6 yocto build. Camera driver wont support for yocto build. But I have a driver file for the camera ie. imx219_mipi.c . I have another camera supported file ie. ov5640_mipi.c. ov5640_mipi.c file will support yocto build. I have to edit the imx219_mipi.c file in a such a way to get work the camera for the yocto build. Please let me know how to start or any body having any solution.

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Vijith G

you need a kernel driver for your camera for the kernel version used in Yocto. Once you add the driver to the kernel, enable it in kernel configuration. Then add a new camera to the device tree and bitbake.

I got the driver for the camera. I am using raspberry pi camera. I am trying to modify camera device driver for the raspberry camera .The camera driver I got was not loading in to the kernel. The camera driver checking for a reset pin . The reset pin requesting part of the source code given below.
/* request reset pin */
rst_gpio = of_get_named_gpio(dev->of_node, “rst-gpios”, 0);
if (!gpio_is_valid(rst_gpio)) {
dev_warn(dev, “no sensor reset pin available”);
} else {
retval = devm_gpio_request_one(dev, rst_gpio,
GPIOF_OUT_INIT_HIGH, “ov5640_mipi_reset”);
if (retval < 0)
return retval;
This part getting failed. Actually camera needs a enable pin . Please let me know how can I request for Camera enable pin in a device driver source code. I don’t have any documentation related to this.