NET+50-3, NAReset(), and FTP Server

Hi-We are using NET+OS v4 with the NET+50-3’s. It was discovered recently that the when the FTP server is fired up the NET+50-3’s were not responding to the NAReset() command. It works fine when the FTP server is not running and it works all the time for a NET+50-1. Once the FTP server is up and running, we had configured a timer to call NAReset() after 10 minutes of idle activity and this seems to reboot the board though I am not sure why. In the function: static void reset_15_40 (void) found in nareset.c under the BSP, the function gets the die revision and branches based upon what it sees. I located: if ((revision < 4) || (revision > 25)) /* if not 15/40, 50, 50.1*/ and modified it to (Net+50-3’s report revision=27): if ((revision < 4) || (revision > 27)) /* if not 15/40, 50, 50.1, 50.3*/ and this seems to work causing the board to reboot as soon as NAReset() is called. Has this file been changed to support the NEt+50-3’s in later versions of the OS (and no we are not in the position to upgrade at this time)? Thanks for your help.