.Net microframework ver 2.5

Hi there,

am considering using the Connect ME for a project where the device will have to serve webpages to provide info and get user instructions on data that is coming in and going out the serial ports. Was considering using .Net microframework 2.5 and wanted to know if or when the Connect ME will support this.

Would NetOS with ThreadX be a better option?



have a look here:

Maybe this is what you are searching for.



I am trying to do exactly the same thing, as you described.

Wanted to start today, but haven’t been successful is sending a dynamic webpage to the socket (tried the SocketServer example).

If you were able to achieve your goal, I request you to please tell me how you managed sending your webpage (e.g. Page1.htm or Page1.aspx), to the client socket?

I am using the Digi Connect ME JumpStart Kit for .NET Micro Framework.

Thanks a lot!!