Dynamic Webpage with .NET Micro Framework on Digi Connect ME

Hi All,

Well, my problem is similar to what a few here already have had, but apparently no one has a solution for it yet. :slight_smile:

Namely, I am trying to program a C# application, that returns a dynamic webpage, when the Digi Connect ME is accessed by a Web Browser.

I have already followed the SocketServer Example, delivered with the Digi JumpStarter Kit with .NET Micro Framework.

// Create a socket, bind it to the server’s port and listen for client connections
Socket server = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);

// Wait for a client to connect
Socket clientSocket = server.Accept();

using (m_clientSocket)
// Return a static HTML page back to the client
String s = “Sample Website!”;


However, it only sends a static HTML page to the client socket, which in my case not possible is.
Thats coz I need an interactive webpage, where a button click, for example sends & recieves data from the serial ports.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? Or does anyone know, how this could be done?

I am thankful for every response.
Thanks & wish u a nice day! :slight_smile: