NET+OS with my own GNU Toolchain

I have the NET+OS installed with GNU Tools, Cygwin and X-Tools. I prefer to have my own GNU Toolchain (binutils, gcc, newlib and gdb). Can I compile the NET+OS an the BSP with a GNU Cross-Compiler Toolchain configured for arm-elf ? There are some libraries (crt0, libc and libg) which seems not to be the same in NET+OS and the default Cygwin arm-elf installation as I read here in the Forum. Are there any libraries (C- or h-files) customized to run with the NET+OS ?

yes , it can be done. You can build your own binutills/gcc/newlib. The tricky part is to build libgcc and libstdc++ for the big-endian, but if you can’t figure it out, you can copy just those 2 libraries from the Netos binary distribution.

OK, it’s running. I have a GCC 3.3.1 with C++, newlib (multilib), binutils and gdb compiling and running out of the box now. Adjustments where needed in newlib, where the ANGEL monitor has to be disabled, the _init Section from crt0 has to be placed correctly in the linker scripts and some C++ related Sections are not placed in the right order for C++ binaries. The STL is also running, which is a great help for developing. The newlib also has some modifications to handle devices correct under net+os. Those changes are provided by netos in the /gnusrc directory. I’ll port my “fully automated” build script on requests.

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