NETOS 6.0 Linker Scripts

In NETOS 6.0 what is the best way to add .sections to the customized linker scripts

We don’t do anything special in the linker scripts. I strongly recommend that you read the linker manual. You can create new sections using the same commands that we do. If you are trying to create a new section in RAM or ROM and the linker says it doesn’t fit, then you should make sure the values for RAM_SIZE and FLASH_SIZE in customize.ldr or customize.lx in the platform directory are correct for your platform. If you have a memory that should not be considered part of the normal ROM or RAM, then you should create a new memory section for it in the MEMORY part of the linker script sources in arm7init, and a corresponding section for it in the SECTION part of the script. This is all described in the linker manual. The linker scripts are a bit arcane and confusing so it is important that you read the manual so that you know better off what you are trying to achieve.