linker scripts

I am porting NET+OS with GNU-Tools to a third party board. The board has 4 MB 16-bit wide Flash at CS0 and 4 MB 32-bit wide static RAM at CS1. I configured the debugger ini file and the values in init.s properly to have the following memory map: 0x2000000 4 MB Flash 0x0000000 4 MB SRAM I am not quite sure, what i have to do with the linker scripts. By now i changed the following entry in all files to support my new bsp library: GROUP (libc.a libgcc.a libm.a libbsp_hddRec.a libna1.a libtx.a libna2.a libtcpip.a) I also changed the MEMORY entries in rom.ld and romzip.ld to the following: MEMORY { ram : ORIGIN = 0x1000, LENGTH = 4000k } MEMORY { rom : ORIGIN = 0xa000000, LENGTH = 4000k } Are there any other values which need to be changed? Do i have to do any further changes to debug.ld? thx in advance, Andre

what version of netos are you using ? you might also have to change .picbase in image.lx or ramimagezip.lx (depends on the version of the OS) put it right after the .free_mem (See your map file)