I use one chip SDRAM of MT48LC4M16A2_64MSDRAM_D (4¡Á16), I design two kinds of boards, and I use JTAG to debug them.One only has CPU, RAM and the peripheral on it, when the program is downloaded into the RAM, it stops at the code ¡ reset_rom_handler¡±, if I clear the cs1.v, the program stop at the line:(*debiceTable[i].enter)(debviceTable[i].channel) in bsproot.c. The other board has CPU, RAM, flash, phyer and peripheral on it, the program always loops between 0x4 and 0x1c; I want to know how to config the bsp(bspconf.h,bsproot.c,init.s,ncc_init.c,i.e)to support my board

Something keeps resetting the boot up and hence you end up back in Reset_Handler_Rom. The cs are not set up correctly or so. You need to refer to the bsp porting guide as to how to configure the bsp according to your Hardware.