Network Formation

Hello All,

It took me some time to think about this. I have a coordinator and two end nodes. The coordinator reads in a temperature and sends this value to the end nodes. All devices have been configured as COORD END1 and END2 and placed on the same network using XCTU.

The COORD reads an A2D in micropython and sends the data over RF to the end nodes. The end nodes wait for a received data packet and print any that come.

My question is, can I, in MicroPython set up the devices as I did in XCTU? I know that the COORD device can send AT commands to change parameters on the end nodes, but can the device I intend to be COORD be a brand new device, have the script loaded onto it, the script then set the name to COORD and configure the network parameters?

Sin Cities,

Yes, you can have your Python code set the desired AT commands for you on launch.

Digi Support

Awesome, I have yet to figure out how.