Network limitation for XBee ZNET 2.5

There are some network limitation for series 1 of XBee
(XBee/XBee-PRO OEM RF Modules [M100344 2006.09.15]):

  1. Maximum children per coord/router is 20 (6 max child routers)
  2. Maximum Depth of network is 5

I could not find that limitation for XBEE 2.5. I am using datasheet XBee series 2 OEM RF Modules [90000866_B 2007.07.019]

In the series 2 there are no restrictions on how many routers can join a particular parent. There is, however a 1.2 second acknowledgement timeout. This translates to about 6-8 hops for a unicast packet - depending on the size of the packet.

The maximum number of end device children per router is 8. The maximum radius for a broadcast is 32.

Thanks Jay.