New Digi Connect ME S no longer takes firmware image


We are using 6.0f + patch + legacy kit.

For Digi Connect ME S with this “date” or something code

If the part Digi ConnectME S has a “date” of

It works.

We get this error when uploading our firmware from within the default web page:

Unable to update firmware: hardware requires a newer image

Any ideas?

Replace the file c:
etos60_gnu\connect\src\linkerscripts\Makefile.appbuild.connectme_lsk with the attached.

The problem is a value within the Vital Product Data (VPD) was updated within the Boot/Post. This value is greater than the default value generated by the aforementioned file.

After replacing this file rebuild your application (no need to rebuld the BSP). Images produced using this new Makefile will work with any Connect ME -S module, old or new.