New Forum

This Forum has a nice feel to it. I look forward to viewing posts from other Rabbit engineerS!

Yeah it’s nice software isn’t it? There’s actually an update that came out a few days ago that I need to install. Get ready for posts cause there’s gonna be a lot of them :slight_smile: Later,


Please let me know if you get an email as a result of this post, and need to moderate.

Working at Rabbit, I think we should all have access to unlimited carrots.

Testing again

I am Scott too.

Did somebody say carrots?

This is only a test, do not adjust your computer monitor. $^&%^&$&$%^&$%&$%^&$%^&$%&$^&$%$&

:smiley: HI :slight_smile:
do you want some of :smiley:

I dont recall getting an email notification but lets try this again.

Yay! That’s enough carrots for about a whole week!

A new forum, nicee!! :smiley:

I prefer this interface than the yahoo groups list, but I think that it’s going to be pretty difficult that all the people who post there, come here.