New S6B Firmware Imminent?

I see the downloadable user guide for the S6B has been updated, and now includes details of the Device Cloud functions and the new EQ, LA, PG and NS AT commands for the new firmware.

However the firmware for download from the support section for the S6B is still the initial XB2B-WF-2004.ebin release?

Is the new firmware release imminent? Is there a new beta version with any improvements on the 2011 version I have a beta copy of presently?

I’m not seeing any indications of a new firmware version. You might want to talk to digi sales for more comment.

You don’t?

Take a look at the S6B manual ( which you’ll see was revised 9/10/2013.

The changes are that it documents all of the new firmware features, including the new AT commands for DNS resolution and the Device Cloud. These weren’t documented in the manual previously, and aren’t available in the currently downloadable 2004 firmware…

What’s the point of releasing the documentation without the firmware to go with it? :wink:

The new firmware (2021) is now available.

You can create a case by going through the Digi Support portal.

Once you have done so, the support team will be able to get you the updated firmware.

Also, here is the manual for that firmware revision.

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Actually the new 2021 firmware is also available in the support downloads:
So no need to contact support for this one.
Thanks for the heads up, Rocker1446.