I need new version of firmware, such as 2011 for xbee s6b

The version that I have is 2004 (409D5E320A), which could not work well with the TX IPV4 well.

The same code tested with xbee wifi s6, implement TX IPV4 through SPI interface, would not work with s6b.

I check the data frame that I send, which is start with 7E and following the format according to your datasheet about tx ipv4.

Since the same code works well with xbee wifi s6, I don’t think
the problem is caused by my code.

Please send me the new firmware.

Thanks a lot.


Once the new firmware is released you can download it through XCTU. Go to the Modem Configuration tab - Versions - Download new versions… and choose Web as the update source.

is 2004 the lastest firmware for S6B ?