Problems with XBee Wi-Fi (S6B) and control package with firmware 2024


I’m currently trying to upgrade my modules from version 2004 to 2024, as far as I could see the stability/wifi connection whould be better with the new firmware.

While I was doing that I found that there is no problem using the modules with 2024 in transparent mode with tcp, but I have a problem sending configuration packages. I’m using them to ask for the temperature/signal strength and in order to control IO’s on the XBee.

I wrote down some details what happens if I try to send a UDP package

Product family: XB2B-WF
Function set: XBEE-WI-FI
Part number: XB2B-WFWT-001
Hardware Version: 2730

AH: Infrastructure
MA: Static

UDP Package (request SSID) sent with linux echo command:
echo -en “\x42\x42\x00\x00\x00\x00\x02\x00\x01\x02\x49\x44” > /dev/udp/IPADDRESS/3054

Responses with different firmware versions:
2024: No answer
2023: Xbee non responsive/lost network/crashed
2004: Returns the configuration response package with the Network SSID

I did not find any information about changes in the configuration request/response packages in the release notes of the new firmware versions. Can somebody explain my why I have those problems with the firmware versions above 2004 and the configuration port (3054)?

Thanks a lot for your help

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