Wifi S6B not working with configuration download

I have just bought two back-up XBee S6B modules. I have updated the firmware from 2024 to 2026. I then wrote a previously saved config file from a working XBEE of the same type. Scrolling through all the parameters they are all identical. The module is set up as follows: AH 1, CE 2, NS, DL, NI Creater, GW, MK, MY, BD 7. Only one of these three modules is used at once. It is meant to communicate with another XBEE with the following parameters: NI Joiner, AH 2, DL and MY Despite the fact that I’m using a working config file the set-up is not working. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

You need to have the Joiner re-scan and Join the New creator.

What do you mean by re-scan? Doesn’t it automatically re-scan when you switch it on? At the moment I switch on the creator and then switch on the joiner. I’m obviously missing something.

I am missing something. Did you create a new profile for the New 2026 firmware version or are you still using the PRO file you created for the 2024 version when you write the settings?