Having SoftAP and available for XBee-S6B

I am really interested to know whether the http support and SoftAP are already available for XBee-S6B implementation or not.

Since I want the users connecting to the device via SoftAP mode and change the setting of the XBee-S6B device through WebBrowser.

I prefer not to have any kind of application running on the
customers computers for changing the WiFi settings.

It would be fine even I can get access to the Beta version of the newest firmware for the XBee-S6B module.

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Its not available in current firmware 2004 but yes I have heard that it will be available in future upgrades.

I don’t have any beta version with me but I would suggest you to go and drop a mail to Digi requesting this.

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Or you can wait for few more weeks. I have heard that they are going to release a upgrade for S6B shortly.

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Hello Sina,

The new firmware is now available. The manual is still in the works.

You can create a case by going through the Digi Support portal.


Once you have done so, the support team will be able to get you the updated firmware.

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I upgraded my firmware to version 2024 (the latest with Soft AP)

I read the X6B manual about SoftAP , I got confused on how to set it SoftAP up.

What I exactly want is the XBee module broadcast its own unique SSID that ends with its MAC address.
without any pass phrase protection.

Then one can hook up his PC,web browser to the XBee module address and browse or
the WiFi module webpage and change the module settings then save it on module’s flash/non volatile memory.

so after resetting the module he does not need to redo his setup.

I would be happy if one could show me details on how shall I set up following settings in X-CTU:

3 - ID-SSID=?
4 - EE-Encryption Enable=?
5 - PK-Passphrase=?
6 - IP-Protocol=?
7 - MA-IP addressing mode=?

I am not sure if there is any other setting that I missed.

I am curious about if one can have its own custom html file with logo and configuration setting loaded on module?

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