No active bootloader error

Setup xbee series 1, adafruit ftdi cable, adafruit xbee adapter, windows 8.1

The moderator in the adafruit forum suggested I check here to see if there is a known solution for getting a no active bootloader error from XCTU. The green power light blinks indicating the ftdi cable is powering the xbee adapter and the xtcu recognizes the com port but will not detect the xbee module. Is it likely a soldering issue or is there a known no active bootloader error? Is there a way to direct check the xbee without going through an adapter?

Thank you for any input. (I have done some reading on b ricked xbees and on bootloader issues in general but am having a little difficulty wading through if they apply.)

Hello XBolt,

I would suggest try the XBee Recovery Guide


The one caveat that you will need to take into account is the recovery requires a reset to occur. Most 3rd party interface boards don’t have a reset button. This can be installed by the user. You would install a reset button between the reset line of the module and ground.

Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback. I had read about shorting the pins for a reset, but oddly enough had never thought about adding the actual button. Thanks for the link as well as I’m just learning so I always appreciate thoughtful replies.

If your configuration allows you to communicate with another module, then the only thing you can do is to contact Digi Support and request an RMA.