Does anyone know where to send dead devices?

I now have four dead devices - no, not misconfigured, but dead. Three are series-1 and one is series-1 pro. Apparently I can’t file for tech support on this without paying $35. I would, but I need that $35 to buy another crappy series 1 device since these are all dead now.

Are there any Digi people who know where I can send these dead devices in the hopes that someday Digi will learn to build more robust hardware?


Good afternoon, there is no fee for an RMA. I suggest that you email and ask for an RMA.

Are you sure they are dead? What is the failure mechanism?

If it is just bricked you should be able to recover it. Go to and put “recovering a bricked xbee” in the search box.

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Thanks for your reply. They are totally unresponsive to any serial activity. I’ve tried all the usual recover procedures and all I get is “incompatible baud rate” (these are plain-jane Series 1 so it should be 9600). I did yank one or two out while plugged in and the Digi documentation assures you that this is safe but I believe it was after doing so that they stopped responding. I haven’t had issues with “higher” series devices.

Holy crap, the new X-CTU program just recovered one! Wow, now I feel a little stupid. Thanks for kicking me in the pants.

Glad to here that you were able to recover the module. Just so you know, there are only a few reasons why a module would behave this way. First, one of the pins on the module exceeded the VCC specifications. Next, you entered command mode or the bootloader unexpectedly (Don’t hold the DI line low while power cycling or resetting the module).