No login through Xem ports

We are unable to get a simple ansi session running under RHEL ES4 using the devices configured with the dgap 1.3-6 drivers using agetty.

Diagnostic testing of the PORTS16em works fine in loopback. I can access the test terminal with dinc and have a dialog going but it seems agetty is not invoking the login.

All other logins work through telnet and the system’s serial ports. I am attaching the inittab we are working with.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance,

I don’t see any problem with your inittab syntax for that terminal. It looks very similar to what we have listed in our example:

So being that your agetty entry looks sound and you can send data out the serial port with dinc, did you “init q” or “telinit q” after editing the inittab or reboot the server so the inittab changes take effect?