No response from TX Request

I’m running a pair of DigiMesh 2.4 nodes, a Pro on a uC in coordinator mode and a standard XBee on a USB port connected to CoolTerm terminal emulator. I’m not using any other software. Both nodes are in API mode and the firmware version is 10CD. I can successfully send any Remote AT command to the Pro and get a response back. But I never get a response to a TX Request.

The TX request I send is:

7e 00 12 10 22 00 13 A2 00 40 69 77 06 ff fe 00 00 41 42 43 44 eb

If I send the Remote AT command SL to fetch the low bytes of the Pro serial number I get the correct value. Specifically, I send:

7e 00 0f 17 01 00 13 A2 00 40 69 77 06 ff fe 00 53 4c 70

and get a correct response. I’ve run everything thru John Foster’s packet-check program.

What am I doing wrong? Should I in fact get a TX Response packet automatically from the XBee?


Russ, could it be byte offset 16 is set to 0x00 which with bit 0 set to 0 disables ACK ?

  • Martin


If your firmware version is 10cd then your modems are configured for 802.15.4, not Digimesh. Could that explain the problem?

(Packet type 0x10 is not valid for 802.15.4.)

johnf, that is exactly what my problem was. Although I had received Digimesh modems, they had 802.15.4 firmware installed. I had to contact Digi tech support to diagnose why I could not load the Digimesh software. Once that happened, my tests worked perfectly. Thank you.

Glad it helped!

And here’s a tip - having noted that you ran the packets through packet-check (hey, a user! Yay!) - had you seen in the file comments that you can customize packet-check to assume Digimesh packets every time you run it? The benefit is that you get comments and error messages that are more focussed.