Old Firmware for Legacy AnywhereUSB doesn't update

I am new to AnywhereUSB, so I apologize for what might be a simple answer.

I purchased a used AnywhereUSB/5 (legacy - original model) that has a current firmware of 1.12.0083, which is very old apparently.

The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to get it to update through the client. Maybe it is because I am using the 3.51 drivers, but nothing seems to kick off to upgrade the firmware. This is problematic because I cannot get the Host Controller drivers to load, and I believe it to be at least partially due to the firmware age.

If nothing else, I’d like to remove that issue from the equation.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated - I’ve very tech literate, so I can follow any set of instructions. Maybe someone has a firmware application?