What is the latest firmware release for 301-1130-01

I have an (obsolete) legacy AnywhereUSB/5 301-1130-01 running Firmware version 2.30.0005 (no reset button in front). Since I am having issues with this device, I am wondering if I have the latest firmware, and if not, how do I update it?


If you install the latest AnywhereUSB 3.51 driver, that should ensure that the latest firmware is installed. Since the AnywhereUSB/5 Gen 1 never had a web interface, the firmware is updated through the driver installation.

Here is a link to the AnywhereUSB Support page, select the operating system you are using then select the proper 32\64bit driver.

AnywhereUSB 3.51 Support page

The previous driver will need to be uninstalled via the AnywhereUSB configuration utility.
Click File\Preferences then click the Uninstall button.
The host computer must be rebooted before the updated driver can be installed.
install the latest 3.51 driver and connect to the AnywhereUSB device.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have installed the 3.51 driver on my 64 bit Windows 8 machine. When I go into the configuration utility, the firmware version is shown to be:


My question is, is this the latest version for a legacy AnywhereUSB/5, 301-1130-01 device?[/b]


Correct. That is the latest version