OP7200 and I2C


We want to use I2C with an OP7200. As there is no port D available, we decided to use the OUT0 and OUT1 pins.
We have tried to modify I2C.lib but we have not found any name for the OUT0-OUT7 port(so we use digOut() instead).
But we have not found any shadowmask to read the SDA/SCL.

So is there any way to use I2C with OP7200 and/or is there any port name for the OUT0-OUT7(and a shadowmask linked)?

Thank you

Port D is hardcoded in i2c.lib with #ifndef directives. To use a different parallel port you must #define a few things in your application code, as well as change the function i2c_init(). Refer to i2c.lib, and specifically the comment �Define these to change basic bit handling,� to see what needs to be done. …

Read the entire document here: http://www.rabbit.com/documentation/docs/refs/TN215/TN215.pdf