OSError: [Errno 7028] ENOSPC

Is there an error guide for all the OSErrors? I’m getting hung up on 7028, and I’m not entirely sure what’s up. The nodes communicate fine in AT mode, I switch over to MicroPython REPL, and repeatedly get an error. I think this is telling me they aren’t communicating, but I was wondering if there’s an error guide that can confirm that theory. Thanks!

What is the part number and firmware version you are having this issue with?

That specific code is reporting that there is no more space on the device for the action you are trying to perform. (Depending on the command you are attempting to run this could be something like not having enough space to write to a file, or too much data being put into a datapoint buffer).

For information on the amount of filespace available you can run the following command:
which is described here: https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002219/default.htm#reference/r_method_uosstatvfs.htm?Highlight=statvfs

OS error codes are different for each micropython implementation but we have mapped ours to match the standard python codes as much as possible. oserror 7028 in uPython -> 0028 in python.

Which XBee are you running on and what are you attempting to do?

Thank you!

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As cevans writes, you need to provide the line of code that’s throwing that exception. The meaning of ENOSPC depends on what you’re trying to do, and may even be listed in the documentation for the function that threw the error.

Thanks everyone! I updated the firmware and the issue resolved - I think it was likely a space issue as cevans suggested, but the update seems to have done the trick for the moment. I appreciate all the suggestions!