Xbee3 memory trouble

Hello everyone,

I have this recurring problem for a while and I would like to solve it.

I am using several Xbee3 (XB3-24Z8PT) and writing different micropython program for it.
The program spreads over three small files (less than 10Kb each) and I use Pycharm with the xbee plugin to have a fluid workflow.

while I am debugging I will rewrite the same program over and over with minor changes each time. At some point I will get an error in Pycharm :

[ERROR] (Error transferring file ‘C:***\build\xbee_consts.mpy’: ENOSPC file system full.)


Every single time the only way to solve this is to open XCTU, go to File system (and here I can see my files are less than 30Kb in total, there is nothing else, but there no free memory), and format.

What do I need to do for this memory problem to not happen again. I am not doing any garbage collection or similar thing (dont know much about it). Is it the problem?

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No that is not the issue. What the issue is, is that PyCharm does not understand that this is the same file and is not formatting the file system or deleting the old files first. So it uploads it as a new file leaving the old file there.

To resolve the issue, you will want to either delete the old file first or format the file system before you upload a new version of the file.

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So what I am doing so far is correct?
It’s just and issue on Pycharm side?

That is correct. PyCharm does not know that you are uploading files more than once. So you need to manually format the file system before you upload the next code.