OTA updates to change the pan ID


I have a programmed a radio and put it into a device that is difficult to get to.

I would like to preform and OTA update and change its pan ID

The current profile that is set on that radio is:
PAN ID: 3332
CE is set to [0]
AP is set to transparent mode [0]

Am I able to program the existing radio using XCTU and a master radio with the DEV kit? Or is this not possible since the CE is set to 0?


Yes you can but the Local PC radio will need to be in API mode. You will then be able to discover the remote radio and read/write the settings on that remote module via XCTU.

Okay. Are there instructions on how to do this?


There might be something in https://hub.digi.com/support/products/xctu/ or in the Product manual for the radio in question.