Setting unique PANID for each XBee by using XTCU command line interface.

Our current production process uses the old X-CTU and the *.PRO files to update the profile on XBee units with unique PANIDs. This is possible because we are able to read and write the *.PRO file (essentially a text file) to update the PANID each time. Moving forward we will be using XBee3s and would like to use the XCTUcmd (command line interface) to perform this action. Since the *.XPRO files are encrypted in some way, we can not update the PANID for each new XBee in this way. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thank you.

what is mean old X-ctu (version number) . if the x-ctu too old we can’t able to read .xpro file

.xpro file extension is .txt then only open in text format other wise by default it is .xml format