XCTU *.xpro format

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We used to use the raw text .xml file format for generating and flashing device configurations. Now we see the xml fileformat has been replaced with a the .xpro fileformat, however this is not textfile format anymore.

We can still flash the devices with xml, but not store them in xml. This .xpro configuration seems like a binary file, how can we use en read this file without XCTU?


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I don’t see that as an option as you now have the ability to select the Profile save function as always flash, Flash if firmware is different or do not flash.

After selecting always flash, Flash if firmware is different or do not flash, you set the file name and file type.

Is there a way we can read the new *.xpro format? We have software that relies on reading the old X-CTU *.pro XML files to display configurations but would like to update to using the new XCTU version.

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You probably don’t need this anymore, but I wanted to post this for other users that might find it useful. The *.xpro files are some kind of compressed archive. I used 7-zip to extract it, and there is a profile.xml file that contains the radio settings that differ from the defaults. Also included is a radio_fw folder that includes the selected firmware version for the radio and the default settings.


Not having the original xml file of settings is a pain.
I for one used to open it in Excel and have a proper record of all the settings in a profile, plus any comments etc.
There is nothing to suggest in Digi literature that the xpro file is a compressed file, and even when opened with 7-zip, it is a poor substitute for the original and appears to have just the changes from defaults.
This is not an improvement in my view and as the old xml file was small to start with, what is the point in cutting it down further.