partial cwm_data files

Often times, our cwm_data files only have partial samples included.

For instance, each xml file should contain 4 samples. Sometimes they only contain 2 or 3 samples.

What version of Dia are you using? In 1.1.x, I found that the CWM presentation only logs the most recent samples when it comes time to upload to the server. It does not maintain all of the samples between uploads. It’s either extremely misleading, or has a massive bug. I modified the cwm_exist module to send all of the data it’s seen since the last update.


In the cwm_exist module from 1.1.x, or in the renamed module idigi_db from 1.2.x, the following comment may explain the behavior you’re seeing:

Whenever the specified interval of time has expired, or the number of new samples exceeds the sample_threshold, this presentation pushes up channel information to iDigi. It retrieves a list of all channels, and pushes up any that have had new samples since the last push to iDigi.

Which, as Brian described, means that you won’t actually be getting all of the samples that have occurred since the last interval/threshold has been reached, just the current state of channels, if they have been updated since the last push of the data.

For example, let’s say you have the presentation set to upload with an interval of 10 seconds, and you have two channels, one being updated every second, and one being updated every 20 seconds. We’ll say the sample threshold of the presentation is set very high so it does not come into play. The presentation will then upload to the server once every 10 seconds or so. Roughly half the time, this should contain one sample representing the current state of the frequently updated channel, but will not include the channel that hasn’t been updated since the last upload. The remaining portion of the time it should include both samples, since they both have been updated since the last upload.