passing structures in DC 9.62

I’ve asked this on email support but I’m hoping to get a quicker answer here.

I read in the docs that structures are passed by VALUE in DC 9.62 and not by reference as in all other Cs I’ve used.

I have a function that “reads” a command string that is in the structure and sets various other elements of the structure based on the string. For example:

mbp.cmdID = (int)mbp.cmdstring ; (The first two bytes are an ID word)

This works great IN the function (according to the watch window) but it’s only working with a COPY of the structure since it was passed in by value on the stack and the changes are not made in the original structure.

If I try to pass &cmd_packet, I get an invalid structure reference error when I compile. Is there anyway to pass a pointer to a structure so I can modify it’s elements in a function?

Any examples of doing this, how to define the functions parameters, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

len morgan