pbuilder support for favicon.ico


I have put some diagnostics into the cgi processing in the Advanced Web server, and noticed that there unresolved calls to read “favicon.ico” are passed through to the cgi processing.

I thought that i could simply cure this by generating the required “favicon.ico” file, building it with Pbuilder and letting AWS provide the file.

However, pbuilder gives me the following error
Don’t recognize extension for file “favicon.ico”.

Anyone know if it is possible to tell pbuilder to process this as if it were a simple image file?


Hi, I recently had the same issue, and solved it.
Simply rename the ‘favicon.ico’ file to ‘favicon.pict’.
Add it on the pbuilder.pbb file. And edit your html too.
Now, pbuilder doesn’t complain and the browsers render the icon OK.

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