Plausibilty advise for a Rabbit project.


I would like some advise with regards to a project that I wish to investigate.

The concept.

Large organization with multiple Desktop computers. Networking ports are not well documented so are not assigned to actual rooms No#. Computers can be tracked to Ethernet mac address and sub net but for auditing purposes requires actual physical inspection as computer seem to develop feet and wander. I wish to develop a device that can Identify the computer connected to the network and also Identify the room that it is allocated to.

Develop a microprocessor with dual Ethernet connections or Ethernet and wireless connection. The Microprocessor will act like a small proxy server. It will have its own mac address and would have be able to be dynamically assigned an ip address from our core server. At the same time have the ability to assign a dynamic ip address to the computer that will be plugged into it. The microprocessor will have to be able to be update and password protected so that it can Identify the room number. So basically when you do a tracert or some form of visual trace that you can have all the necessary hops to track the computer down to the room and Identify it for auditing purposes.

Firstly is there any commercial product that anyone knows of that may already accomplish this task ( apart from cisco router and switches etc). Secondly, If this is not the case has anyone using the Rabbit microprocessor developed or in development of such a project so that I am not reinventing the wheel and lastly is this project feasible with the Rabbit products and add on’s and what hardware would I need and software. I just need the right advice before laying out hard earn cash for what maybe a pipe dream idea.

Thanks in advance.