Please Advice how to change Ip address.

I have been developing using a Development Kit.
Although I changed the APP_IP_ADDRESS of appconf.h, the IP-Address did not change.

It should be, but current Ip-Address is
Now, “natelmenu” of “example” is used and only APP_IP_ADDRESS has been changed.

Therefore,advice how to change Ip-Address.

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This problem was safely solved by reading 25 pages of a “Programer’s Gide”.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

If you want your APP_IP_ADDRESS / APP_IP_SUBNET_MASK / APP_IP_GATEWAY #define to be effective, you need to set APP_USE_NVRAM to 0, as it is explain above this last #define, and verify that APP_USE_STATIC_IP is set to TRUE. This means that you will use “#defined” static ip config instead of variables stored in a Flash sector called “NVRAM” for Non-Volatile RAM.

But no user will ever be able to change this ip config if you do use this methode, as it is hard coded in your app.

There is also a way to configure IP by serial configuration screan, as described in your Programmer’s guide in chapter “Confelopment board”.

And last but not least, the way I prefer is using the ACE API with, for instance the customizeSaveIPParameters :

// Modify and Save the new ip address parameters
customizeSaveIPParameters ( ip, subnet_mask, default_gateway );