change my static IP address?

What do I need to do to change my static IP address after the stack is started?

use ll_config: ll_config(“eth0”, nvParams.ipAddress, nvParams.subnetMask, 0, 0);

Is changing the static IP address within the users application allowed? I had previously been told it isn’t. Can this same function be called within applicationTcpDown() to provide a static IP address, if DHCP had been attempted, but an excessive time passed without obtaining the parameters from the DHCP server?

You are actually changing the IP address of the device on the fly. It is fine and it wouldn’t break anything else.

When changed the IP address on the fly, I’d like to send the Reverse ARP to update the routers/NMS ARP tables with my new IP address. How can I force it?

RARP is not supported with the current release but will be with Net+Os v6.0