Cannot change IP Address on 9P9215


I’m using ConnectCore 9P9215 and I am experiencing an issue to change IP address.

When I program the 9P9215 with JTAG link in release mode, it starts well except that the IP address does not change (LEDs are blinking, and the communication is OK with the old IP address). I am able to change this IP address only when I program 9P9215 in debug.

I tried to clean and rebuild the whole project, to remove all optimizations, but nothing works.

Does anybody have an idea about this problem ?

In release mode are you able to get boot menu and interrupt it?
Have you tried changing from there?

Also in appconf.h make sure the define is:

The #define is the good one.

I tried today to get the boot menu in release mode, and I can change the IP address from there. And if I restart, the new IP is kept.