plotting rate of line graph widget in xbee zigbee cloud kit

I’m using the digi xbee gateway x2e as a coordinator and some xbee zigbee as the node.
Everything works well and I can display the data in the platform below:

the problem is that the rate of ploting is too slow which has the interval about 7 or 8 seconds. Is it possible to increase this rate?

also I can use the romote manager of digi device to display the data:

but in this website, it seems that it’s not possible to draw a dynamic chart?

Thank you!

I am not aware of any means to speed up the plotting rate in the Heroku demo application and yes the chart in the Device Cloud needs to be manually refreshed. Perhaps you might have better responsiveness designing your own chart by extracting the data from the Device Cloud (the Heroku application shows code examples or you can reference the Device Cloud Programming Guide:

Also, keep in mind, Device Cloud throttling which can impact data latency and vary depending on the type of subscription:

I mean in this application the interval between two points is too much. Is it possible to decrease this interval?