How to decrease the refresh rate of Widgets in the XBee ZigBee Could Kit

  1. I am controlling the LED switching -On/Off by DIO11 (XBee) from the On/Off Switch Widget on the XBee ZigBee Could Kit HMI.

XBee - Gateway is the coordinator

  1. When the On/Off command is issued the DIO11 toggles accordingly & instantaneously, but the On/Off Switch Widget state / status is refreshed after a long duration ~ 2 to 3 minutes.

  2. Please can any one advise what setting are required so that Widget Status/State is refreshed at a faster rate.

Thanks & Regards

Mandar Bagul.


That is a function of how much data you are going to be sending up and down on the device cloud. For free accounts, you can only refresh the data ever few min.

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