Xbee "bug" API mode

Hi !

First I apologize for my English, I im Swiss.

So, my problem is: I use 2 Xbee in API mode –> coordinator/end device.

On my xbee remote:

I have one led connected on the pin DIO0, and one on the pin PWM0.

I output high the pin DIO0 –> My led turn-on. Great ! :smiley:

I make the same for my PWM0 led, I set the PWM0 at 50%. Great! It also works.

But after some second, all LEDs turn off for 20 ms and only the LED DIO0 comes on again.

I don’t know how to fix this “bug”.

I have a look on all forums, and can not figure out how to fix this.

Thank you for your reply and Bonne journée :smiley:

Are you communicating between the radios at all? Or are you just using the pins to power some LEDs?

I found my problem, I made a mistake with the pull up