PWM and digital output

Hi !

I have a little problem again

When I activate a PWM output, I have my led that turns on. Then when I want to turn on or off a led that is on a digital output, in both cases my led that is on my pwm goes out. Do you know why ?

I work in API mode, with a coordinator and an end device

Thank you and have a nice day ! :smiley:

What line is the PWM connected to and which module are you working with?

The LEDs are located on the “End device”

I have leds on the following pin: PWM0 / PWM1 / D0 / D1

Which XBee modules are you working with and what firmware version is installed?

I use Xbee pro s1, Firmware version:10e6

Sounds like you are using the wrong function in the DIO sample section. Try using a Sample rate instead of a change detect. Also update your firmware to 10EF.