port servers used to span a radio link between airborne and ground devices

I would like to know if a pair of TSport servers can be used in the following fashion…

See attached jpeg for concept of operation.

We are trying to use a pair of TS port server to create a bridge between our UAV and a ground station. There is an computer on the aircraft that needs to communicate to a computer of the ground.

In the lab these two computers are connected via a peer2peer crossover cable.

On the aircraft we want to use a port server to interface the on board computer to the autopilot comm channel (physical connection is serial).

On the ground we want to connect a port server between the autopilot comm ground station (again, a serial port) to the ground computer.

The concept in essence is this: two computers that normally would be connected via a crossover cable would now communicate to each other via a pair of ports servers that are attached to each end of a radio link.

I think that if I configure the port servers as modem emulators this should work.

What say the Digi experts?

Apparently I don’t have enough persmisions to attach a jpeg.

I’ll try again…

see attached?


You should go to http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/login.jsp
And create a support case which will allow you to attach files to the case.