PortServer/16 (50000260) Reset

I am replacing a PortServer/16 that has failed. I have a copy of the setup. I located a used unit that is the same. I need to IP connect but I don’t know what the IP is for the new one. I also don’t have any documentation. Is there some way to set the PortServer back to factory defaults and if I can, what is the defult IP?

You can locate information you are looking for on page 92 of the following document

There is no default IP address, you will need to assign one using one of the following methods:

Directly From a Serial Port:

Attach a dumb terminal or PC to one of the serial ports at 9600 baud, 8 char. bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and software flow control. The default login is root with the default password of dbps.

#> set config ip=(new.ip.address)

A reboot is needed in order for the new IP address to take affect:

#> boot action=reset


If the IP address has not been set, the PortServer will attempt to use RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol) to determine its IP address. If this succeeds, the rest of the PortServer configuration may be completed by connecting to the PortServer using telnet, without connecting a serial terminal.

For this to work, a RARP server must be set up somewhere on the network. Consult your operating system and network software documentation for information on how to do this. (On many UNIX systems, such information can be found in the manual entry for rarpd).