Portserver TS 16, Windows 7 & Hyperterminal

We have Portserver TS’s - very reliable products but occasionally we need to reset & reconfigure. Currently no problem but they are looking at replacement laptops that now come with Win7, no serial ports & no hyperterminal. Is there another way to configure a Portserver when its reset & with no IP?? These will by the way be used for printers off a SCO Unix box.

You can connect the unit using a crossover Ethernet cable to the PC’s network adapter and use DHCP, Ping-ARP, or RARPD to assign an IP address to the unit over the network.

More informatin on these protocolscan be found on the setup card:


In addition, you can use the Windows (Xp version) Digi Discovery utility (stand alone version) on your laptop to locate PortServers on your network. Then use your browser to configure them.
See these links:
(about fifth from the bottom).

Potential firewall issues when using the utility which uses ADDP: