How do I assign and IP address to my PortServer device using RARP?

I need to assign an IP address to my PortServer unit using RARP any documentation on performing this would be useful.

Also, where do I locate the MAC address for these units?

The MAC address can be located on a sticker underneath the unit. Here are the steps for RARP configuration.

Make a note of the hardware or MAC address located on the sticker underneath the PortServer unit.

Edit /etc/ethers on your UNIX server add an entry similar to the following placing the MAC address first, followed by the IP address you wish to assign:


Next edit /etc/hosts file, add the IP address and any applicable host name.

From the UNIX root prompt type:

rarpd -a

Reboot the PortServer unit.

You should now be able to telnet to the unit using the IP address just assigned.