PortServer II Expansion Chassis Problem

I had a PSII that was stuck trying to boot using bootp, with a “b” on its display. It also reported an E4 when I tried to reboot it. I replaced it with two more fresh units out of the box, and both of the replacements failed in exactly the same way. I later figured out how to fix this. (See my other post about error “E4” documentation.)

I traced the problem, and I think it s probably the expansion chassis which puts the PSII’s into this state. Once in that state, the clock and probably many other settings like bootp have been scrambled. I am guessing the battery backing the BBRAM is probably dead, or being drained somehow by the expansion chassis. The PSII appears to hold settings if the chassis is not connected to it while the power is off. This means I have to connect it all up and configure it from scratch in order to power cycle it at all.

Summer power hits are probably going to take this unit down every time. I have ten other setups identical to this one that don’t have this problem. This unit didn’t have the problem until recently.

I live in Minnetonka, so if Digi is interested in having me bring my hardware in and demonstrate this problem, it’s a short drive.