PortServer TS8 power cycle failure

after a power failure, the portserver seems to be dead, until the power plug of power suply on rearpannel is unplugged, and plugged again.

does anybody have any idea of this?

Is this unit working or not working now? The way you worded that it sounds like the unit appeared to have failed after a power outage/brown out, but when you unplugged and replugged it in, its working again. Is this a correct understanding?

If the unit is defective (i.e. still won’t power on), you’ll need to call Digi Tech Support with the serial number of that unit to make arrangements for RMA/Repair.

Is this behaviour normal?

please, help needed

yes the unit it’s working again.

but the thing is that the unit has always the same behaviour after a power failure, and this happens in many units we have installed in different places.

i mean, if you interrupt power, the unit will only work again when you disconnect the power supply from it, an plug it again on rearpannel.

this is, if a power failure happens, and you cannot disconnect power supply from unit, it seems it will never work again.


I can’t tell you whether or not the behavior is normal, because I’m not sure how the unit isn’t working after a power outage.

I’d recommend opening a Tech Support ticket to look into this more indepth.