PortServer TS 2/4

Hey Guys,

  I'm in charge of a data collection (server) application.  Right now we scan a bunch of COM Ports that represent barcode scanners.  What I am looking for is a device that I can hook these barcode scanners into, have this device transmit all this information back to the server application listening on a IP and one port. A serial port identifier would be placed in the data stream that would indicate which COM port on the device the data originated from ...

I.e. i listen on, port 6690. As the barcode readers scan barcodes, i get the data in a format similiar to

{01}Barcode just scanned
{02}Barcode just scanned

where {01} or {02} is which com port on the device the data came from.

How do your units work in comparison to this example ?