Query COM port redirection


I hope this forum is the right place to post this query, because i intend to evaluate Digi portserver for my project work. If this is not the correct place, please let me know.

Here is the issue that i am not sure how to overcome with Digi portserver.

We were tasked to do some rework on a major existing project. The existing configuration is like this:

A serial device is connected to a computerX, via COMx, the application inside do some processing and send out some data via COMy. COMy is connected to another serial-to-ip box of another brand, and end up in a ServerY.

The serial device is connected to Digi portserver, and then to a remote ServerX via IP, for processing. How do we replicated the sending of data to COMy (in the existing setup). Assuming we cannot change the setup at the local site for the connection from COMy (it is done by another vendor).

Hope this is not confusing :frowning:

Basically, it sounds like you want to share a physical serial port of the Portserver TS between two different servers, each running software which creates a “com” port on the server which represents that physical port. Is this correct?

Do both server x and server y need to write data? Or is it server x writes data, server y reads it?

Server X do the read/write.

We cannot change the setup and software used in Server Y, because done by another vendor.

Server X process the serial data, and send out a “new data” to Server Y. So, they are not sharing the device.

I don’t know how to connect Server X to Server Y. The connection point is the original COMy DB connector located at the site.

One way i can think of is to use another port at the PortServer to connect to COMy, but how?

I can try to draw a diagram next week for you, but i need your email to send to you. I am from asia.

You can upload a diagram or screenshot here and we can look at it then.